It’s All About Ease…and Peace of Mind


Your organization purchases annual MyPA memberships for your employees. Each membership includes a specified amount of MyPA’s unique “time currency” called Delegation Units or DUs.

Your employees redeem DUs with MyPA’s trained and knowledgeable Personal Assistants (PAs), who carry out the personal research or errand tasks your employees don’t have time to do themselves because they’re too busy helping build your business.

Easy to Use

Most MyPA members contact our Personal Assistants through the secure, password-protected Member area of our website. There, they can either create a custom research or errand request or access MyPA’s Ready-To-Go request system featuring over 100 ready-to-go requests.

Members can also contact us by phone and email.

Professional PAs Your Employees Can Trust

No research or errand task is too big or too small for MyPA’s team of bonded and insured professional Personal Assistants.

Finding a building contractor or daycare provider…planning a party and delivering the food…searching for an apartment or the best price on a new TV…delivering your car for its annual tune-up…whatever your employees need, our PAs are available 24/7, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

MyPA’s team of PAs is based Canada-wide in the communities where your employees work. They know how to deliver results promptly, confidentially and to your employees’ complete satisfaction.

Secure Service

Member privacy is MyPA’s primary concern. We use best-in-class website security and proprietary systems to ensure efficient service and confidentiality.

Back-office Support

MyPA provides your organization and employees with valuable back-office services related to the benefit program, including:

welcome packages for employees
in house “launch and learns” initially and follow up in house activities as required
individual user login and monthly account updates
a seamless interface with payroll systems
monthly usage reports and tax reporting (where Memberships are offered as a taxable benefit).