Our Customers Are Our Biggest Supporters


Our members depend on us to provide exceptional service while helping them to balance their work and life responsibilities. Here’s what they are saying…
We were definitely in a pinch when we learned that we couldn’t rely on a courier to deliver our proposal from Edmonton to Fort Mac. MyPA certainly filled the void and did a great job of getting it up there and taking the hassle and worry away from me. I was really impressed that my PA was even able to email me moments after she dropped off the proposal and put my mind at ease.

“The extra touch of friendliness and interaction they had with my family was very valuable. It made them feel very comfortable using the service.”

“The response time was faster than I expected and my assistant got me exactly what I was looking for!”

“My stress level is lower and I saved $50 with the choices my Assistant gave me. Keep it up!”
I had a small gathering of 20-25 people at home and my PA helped me with setting up the buffet table, warming up the food, serving, and cleaning up the dishes and kitchen afterwards. It was a great help to me and I got a chance to sit with my guests because of her.

“Valuable, as it saved me at least an hour of time. I could focus on tasks at work instead of doing errands.”

“The whole process is valuable… simple to use and the chore was done without any stress on my part.”

“I just don’t have time to research things like this myself. Being able to delegate this task meant that it actually got done instead of spending forever on my to do list.”


There’s never time to wait in line for 2 hours in the middle of busy season to fight a big speeding ticket. When my Personal Assistant let me know that she could head down there and fight the ticket for me I couldn’t believe it! Thanks for keeping me on the road, MyPA.

“It was valuable that I spent my time doing my chargeable work and letting someone else do my research.”

“The amount of information and detailed work surpassed all my expectations. I couldn’t have asked for better service and will definitely recommend the service to others. Thanks very much!”